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A born-and-bred New Yorker, Sheila Greenwald has written more than twenty books for young children. And illustrated over fifty others. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing,” she says. “Writing came later, and was a lot harder. But I had my literary models from the start.” Among these were Jane Austin, Evelyn Waugh, Nancy Milford, and Elizabeth Taylor (“not the actress,” Ms. Greenwald is quick to add).

From school notebook doodles and a childhood penchant for comic books, Ms. Greenwald’s drawing talent brought her magazine and book work after graduation from Sarah Lawrence College, “ I loved the course in creative writing, but I was dimly aware of not having much to write about.” She spent the next fourteen years “getting paid for what I loved best to do,” illustrating not only my own children’s books, but humor collections and cookbooks as well.





In 1960, Ms. Greenwald married George Green. They have two grown sons, Samuel and Benjamin. “I never write autobiographically, or about any specific event of family life,” she explains, adding that this is a source of immeasurable relief to her family.

“But I certainly explore and expand upon the situations that touch life through them. My challenge is to invent characters, plots, and scenes which will develop and define my feelings and opinions.” 

These feelings took fight when she began her writing career in 1970. Having finally found inspiration in her experience, she had a lot to talk about. “In fact,” she notes, “my books often begin with strong opinions which I then have to soften and so they aren’t boring and polemical.” 


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